Highrise hangers is leading facade glass cleaning facade glass engineering services provider in Chennai, Coimbatore overall Tamil Nadu India. We providing cleaning services on residential and commercial building like glass cleaning services in chennai and facade cleaning services in chennai coimbatore tamilnadu, building glass fixing & replacement, industrial factory truss & rooftop cobweb cleaning, building exterior tiles and granite cleaning, facade maintenance services in chennai, glass acp waterproofing services, building water leakage, rope access cleaning, work at heights services in chennai, industrial chimney painting services, wall pressure wash cleaning, silicone sealant filling & application, highrise building exterior painting services, tensile roof cleaning.

Our Services

Facade Cleaning Services

Our external facade cleaning services include cleaning of all types of high and low rise buildings, including but not limited to office buildings, industrial complex, shopping centres
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Building Concrete Exterior Crack

Concrete crack repair Chennai and crack injection has become a regular activity in the UAE and HIGHRISE HANGERS has a ...
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Exterior Building Waterproofing - Water Seepage in Walls

In last few years we have received a lot of requests to study water seepage in walls...
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Painting a High-Rise Building

When working on high buildings, high structures, and other unique structures it can be complicated and dangerous for both the involved staff and the public. ...
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Facade Window Glass Repair

If you find that you have a cracked or broken window, and you needed help. We will be able to help no matter what’s the repair job. If you have a broken or cracked window ...
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Industrial Factory Roof Truss Cobweb

Cobwebs and pest make the environs untidy and give health issues to the employees in the company. They may even make ingress ...
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Honeycomb Removal Services

Honey bee removal from structures is not a job for a person who has never worked around stinging insects or even a novice beekeeper...
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Commercial Glass Cleaning

Get unbelievably clean glass surfaces from our team of window cleaning experts. It can extremely easy to forget about your windows while all the dirt and grime accumulates...
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Working at Heights Services

We have special equipment to work at height, we can do 20 services of facade works at height, like facade cleaning, facade waterproofing, facade glass replacement, building facade painting, industrial factory...
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Sign Board Installation Services

Sign Board Installation Services Whether for old or new signage, our capable building signage crews can be relied on to restore and refurbish building signage adequately...
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Facade Glass Replacement Services

Facade glass replacement Services The technique of glass replacement is to accomplish the job swiftly, smoothly and safely. The replacement glass is...
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Building Exterior Glass Cleaning

We have been involved in providing for our clients, Glass Building Cleaning Services. These are delivered by us making proper use of updated techniques. Our employees persevere...
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High Rise Window Cleaning – Expert, Safe Service

Our high-rise cleaning experts use specialized equipment to access and clean the windows of tall buildings. Because window cleaning in high rise buildings can be a dangerous task...
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Building Facade Window Installation Services

Window installation involves the fixing of window frame at an earlier construction stage and subsequent installation of the window sashes..
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High Rise Industrial Factory Chimney Painting Services

We have highly experience and skilled employee to complete jobs of any height. We have expertise in Rope Access technique and are equipped with all necessary equipment...
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Cladding Exterior

Aluminium cladding can often fade or lose colour. So, by using professional teams and approved restoration techniques, after cleaning thoroughly, the colour can be restored to look like new.
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High-Pressure Jet Cleaning Services

Cleaning exterior spaces like driveways, sidewalks, and walls can be a real nightmare. As material is deposited over the years, it is impossible to remove with a basic sponge..
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External Facade Maintenance Services

External facade of buildings that have not been regularly cleaned will not only show signs of aesthetic deterioration but also a reduction in the lifespan of the building facade...
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Facade Engineering Services

Improving building performance & aesthetics Facade engineering contributes to your building’s overall performance as well as its aesthetics, and requires a blend of specialist skills...
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Tensile Fabrics Structure Cleaning Services

We are offering a wide array of Tensile Fabrics Structure Cleaning Service. The rendered service is widely appreciated by clients owing to perfect cleaning and flawlessness. ...
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External Facade Glass Silicone Sealant Filling & Application

Silicone Sealants are used in construction to prevent fluids and other substances from passing through material surfaces ...
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Why Highrise Hangers?

Highrise hangers is leading glass cleaning services and facade engineering services provider in Chennai Coimbatore overall Tamil Nadu India. We have skilled team for facade cleaning services and engineering services and any work at heights based we are doing twenty services at facade.



Our Rope access professionals is well trained skilled team at facade. We have done at any work for facade because we have experience executive for facade maintenance and engineering services industries. Our motto single vendor more than twenty services at facade.

Our Latest Works

Why do you need deep cleaning ?

Highrise Hangers specializes in commercial glass cleaning services in Chennai. The company offers multiple services in this gamut. Why do you need our services?

Corporate cleaning services include services like facade cleaning or signage cleaning. The facade of commercial buildings must be maintained thoroughly to help avoid unexpected costs and also to reduce the chances of damage to the exterior facade.

As an expert deep cleaning supplier in Chennai, we undertake multiple works that are a means to safeguard and protect the health of the buildings, as well as the safety of the people who access these premises. One part of our job is to clean the water tank or the water storage system. This is important to maintain the hygienic conditions of the water tank so that the removal of residual and impurities is done with professional competency.

Commercial cleaning services in Chennai carried out by us is end-to-end. The solutions being offered by us are aimed at offering a cleaner and greener environment for your employees, workers, suppliers, and other stakeholders so that they can work more productively.

As one of the leading deep cleaning suppliers in Chennai, we also offer thorough internal cleaning that is so very important in modern times to disinfect the indoors and keep harmful viruses out.

Our range of corporate cleaning services is based on a thorough understanding of your requirement as well as the need of the building.

If you require Glass and Facade Cleaning Services in Chennai, contact us soon!