Exterior Building Waterproofing - Water Seepage in Walls –Treatment

Exterior Building Waterproofing - Water Seepage in Walls –Treatment
In last few years we have received a lot of requests to study water seepage in walls & basement in various buildings in Chennai, this is a rising concern for property management and maintenance companies. We undertake all kinds of waterproofing treatments from basements to the roofing systems. As the most reliable waterproofing companies in Dubai, We have a successful track record of executing Combo Roofing systems, Membrane waterproofing, Poly-urea spray systems and Polyurethane spray systems for various prestigious clients over the past 24 years. As a waterproofing and insulation contractors.
Our treatments cover a range of facilities like private villas, commercial buildings, warehouses, exhibition centres, amusement parks etc. It occurs due to various reasons and occurrence increases in rainy season when defected areas filled with water. Areas most effected are:
As per our experience Polyurethane crack injection is without a doubt the most effective leaking crack repair method in concrete. Water ingress is when water leaks into a building or a structure. This can occur through floor and wall cracks or any areas defected due to structural problems or old building structure. Crack injection could be best recommended to cure these types of leakage issue.


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