Painting a High-Rise Building

Painting a High-Rise Building

When working on high buildings, high structures, and other unique structures it can be complicated and dangerous for both the involved staff and the public. Most painting companies do not have the tools or training to handle the restoration of these structures. we specialize in completing restoration projects in difficult to access areas.

Abseiling techniques are used where other forms of access are impractical. Some examples of these structures are high rise buildings, bridges, churches, towers, historical buildings, religious buildings, antennas, emissions stacks, amusements parks and rides, cranes, silos, lighthouses, stadiums, water towers, tanks, poles, rooftop towers and offshore rigs.

What makes our rope access team special is that each member carries skills that they acquired prior to rope access i.e. trade qualified painting, plastering, rendering, waterproofing and stone masonry. This gives us the unique ability to complete these works to a very high standard within our skill set.

Why Highrise Hangers?

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