Facade Engineering Services

Facade Engineering Services

Improving building performance & aesthetics Facade engineering contributes to your building’s overall performance as well as its aesthetics, and requires a blend of specialist skills to ensure a multifunctional outcome. We bring together structural, thermal, visual and acoustic specialists to deliver an integrated façade engineering service that considers future maintenance, cleaning strategy, safety and risk assessment.

Our best practice design and tools embrace dynamic simulation and modelling to deliver targeted solutions including: • structural integrity – focusing on buildability, corrosion risk, safety and sustainability. We assess the suitability of façade and cladding systems, and review the manufacturing process and on-site erection and quality control testing • thermal performance – using dynamic modelling to assess the potential effects of climate and look options for passive and low-energy measures • visual performance – studying the internal and external effects of façade systems • acoustic performance – considering the acoustic performance of the building façade with the latest noise mapping and prediction software.

Why Highrise Hangers?

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